What Should You Expect from a ‘traditional’ Barbershop Shave? May 31 2012, 0 Comments

Village Barber At Work!

The very least that any customer who pays good money for a wet shave should expect is to be attended to by a professionally trained and competent barber who has sufficient expertise and experience to carry out a comfortable, safe and ultimately relaxing procedure.

 When I shave my customers, particularly if it’s their first visit, I take time to help relax them by talking to them about correct shaving technique, something that they can take away from the experience and put into practice at home when they shave. 

It’s a simple fact that, in my experience, the vast majority of gents do not shave correctly. This is due to two main reasons: 

1/ who teaches a guy how to shave? Most are ‘self-taught’. 

2/ They take the lead from adverts which are extremely misleading, unattainable and just plain wrong!


In short, I want my customers to leave my shop feeling relaxed, pampered and already looking forward to returning for their next shave. I notice with interest that many barbers in the USA charge similar prices for their shaving service as they do for haircutting. This is not generally the case in the UK and certainly not for me. I charge over double the price of a ‘standard’ cut for one of my shaves. Yes, there are additional costs involved for me (Shave takes around 40 minutes, hot towel steriliser, shaving oil, soap/cream, balm, etc) but the first and foremost reason I charge what I do for one of my shaves is the simple fact that customers are primarily paying for my expertise!

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