Superlative shaving oil from a seasoned barber March 21 2017, 0 Comments

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"This entirely natural product from Village Barber paves the way to an effortless shave

When someone recently asked if I “did much about grooming”, I assumed she was referring to how often I wash. What she meant, however, was whether I write much about men’s grooming products – the answer to which was no. Never. Until now that is, because I’ve discovered a brilliant Shaving Oil that has converted me to this fashionable alternative to foams or gels.

Village Barber Shaving Oil (£17.95 for 100ml) is a blend of entirely natural oils – from sweet almond to avocado, with sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus adding to the delightfully scented mix. It was devised by County Durham-based barber Iain Kane, who has wielded scissors and razor professionally for over 35 years, in collaboration with an aromatherapist. Kane’s aim was to create a chemical and paraben-free product to use in his barbershop that would reduce the likelihood of skin irritation and make shaving easier and more effective – and that's just what he got. This Oil makes for an effortless, painless and very close shave, while also leaving the skin feeling remarkably soft and “elastic” for the entire day.

I must say that the plastic packaging and the rather dated-looking labelling could do with being improved if Village Barber products are to be taken seriously in the luxury marketplace – which is where they belong – but from a purely functional perspective this Shaving Oil really does live up to the maker’s claims. There’s also a great accompanying post-shave Balm (£19.95 for 125ml), made from a mix of lavender, juniper, sandalwood and clove."