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Give your face the shave it deserves with the very best natural shaving products from Village Barber – GUARANTEED!

The natural ingredients in Village Barber's Shaving Oil and Shaving Balm are perfectly blended to provide a 100% natural & paraben free product that not only allows your razor to glide effortlessly across your skin, but also moisturises and nourishes your skin for the ultimate shaving experience.

Village Barber are renowned for their Award-Winning shaving products which have become highly acclaimed by grooming professionals around the world. Shaving experts you can trust such as Craig Whitely (CEO of and celebrity barber in LA), Aaron Wolfenbarger (writes for,, plus numerous online shaving forums including badgerandblade, theshaveden, shavemyface & simplyshaving), Mark Herro (CEO of and other trusted industry insiders testify to the effectiveness of the Village Barber shaving products.

This unique range of Shaving Oil & Shaving Balm have been developed by a professional barber with over 35 years’ experience in the industry to remove the problems associated with additives and chemicals which are added to your typical supermarket off-the-shelf shaving products. These low-quality ingredients often lead to skin irritations, razor rash, spots and other shaving related conditions.

Village Barber Shaving Oil is a ‘stand-alone’ shaving product blended from therapeutic grade natural oils, providing a silky-smooth oil that allows your razor to glide across your skin without any irritation to your face or neck. It's masculine scent of sandalwood, chamomile, sweet almond and 13 other key ingredients, creates a refreshing lift to your shaving regime, making shaving a much more enjoyable experience.

To maximise the benefits of Village Barber's Shaving Oil, it's recommended their ‘Award-Winning’ Shaving Balm is used post shave to further enrich your skin's appearance and feel.

The unique formula of their Shaving Balm makes it free from parabens, sulfates, colourants & many more additives, providing a truly 100% natural product you can trust for your face. The moisturising properties leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated without any irritation to your face & neck. Their Shaving Balm has even been awarded the 'Beauty Shortlist Award' for Men's Grooming, proving this is the very best in post shaving balm products.

Village Barber 100% Natural Shaving Oil got on the podium with Braun and Bolin Webb as a 2016 ‘Finalist’ in The Beauty Shortlist Awards.

With a money back guarantee, there's little reason not to try Village Barber's shaving products for yourself... Say goodbye to dry, irritated & sensitive skin and say hello to a smooth, moisturised & more nourished face... every shave!

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Give your face the shave it deserves with luxury Shaving Oil & Shaving Balm from Village Barber. Our award winning products are 100% paraben free and highly acclaimed by professionals around the world. Try our Oil & Balm and see for yourself!

Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream by Craig the Barber April 27 2017, 6 Comments

 SORRY, THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED.burke-avenue-moisturizing-shave-cream

Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream - The Village Barber Verdict...

In my experience, pro barbers' who've been around for a few years, tend to have the knowledge and experience necessary to avoid the pitfalls of the 'mainstream' companies by paying attention to 'quality' rather than 'quantity'.

It was, therefore, with eager anticipation that I trialed Craig the Barber's first release into the shaving world - Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream.

I have to say that I have been very impressed with this product. Everything about it - from the packaging to the scent and ultimately the performance - expresses a product that belongs to the luxury market - and delivers all that you look for in a quality shave cream.

It has a pleasant yet subtle floral scent (rose, geranium) and quickly conjures up a rich, luxurious lather which, unlike many shave creams, holds the moisture superbly throughout enabling a close and comfortable '2 pass' shave.

Burke Avenue Moisturizing Shave Cream really does stand out in an increasingly packed market due to its exceptional performance and, like all quality shaving products, a little goes a very long way!

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My Venture into Shaving - A Beginner's Sojourn. October 23 2013, 2 Comments

Some time ago I asked if anyone who was relatively new to the 'wetshavng' fraternity wished to write a "Guest Blog" about their experiences so far for this website. The following is by Derek Sword CSCS, OMS-III who comes from Pikeville, KY USA.


Let me start by saying this…It is VERY difficult to express something to others in an articulate manner, when the subject isn’t something you're quite sure you understand yourself. You know you like something, but why do you like it? Because of how it makes you feel, or the memories it offers? What is it that keeps my mind going when it comes to the world of shaving?

Maybe it’s the history, sophistication, and classic nature that is so desirable. Maybe it’s ALL of that - and that’s what makes wetshaving a special hobby for me. 

About two years ago shaving evolved from something I did on a near-daily basis - begrudging to my sleep schedule and personal hygiene as a grungy teenager. Eventually it became a routine that is nearly as elaborate as my wife’s clothing closet! 

My mind can’t help but wander to a quote I read from a book recently: “It is always the simple things that change our lives. And these things never happen when you are looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answers at the pace life wishes to do so. You feel like running, but life is on a stroll.”

I know, for a fact that I love to shave. I love the scents each new cream I try can provide, the feel each brush I use has on my skin. I get excited to try new products from all parts of the world. I want to break the fragrances, textures and qualities down to their basics. 

I’ve had hobbies, good and bad, that have stolen many hours of my life in the past. But never, have I had a hobby where I have found so much complexity and interest all at the same time. From the time my Dad began to introduce me to names like Proraso, Genco, Torrey, Case and Boker.


   My collection of 'straights'      

I immediately took note of everything he said. It was like I was finally being commissioned into this “Manly Gent’s Club” after so many years of living in the dark! I was finally going to just wake up the next morning, have my steam shower, beautiful, young blonde hanging off my shoulder and straight razor in my hand, ready to conquer the world!

Needless to say, after that first day of having shaving cream running all over my face, blade marks everywhere, and razor burns for days it was much more than I had imagined!

When I discovered all that the 'male grooming' market had to offer, I was easily overwhelmed with where to start. I remember thinking there wasn’t enough money in the world to try all the Truefitt & Hill creams, the Trumper soaps, as well as the Dovo and Theirs-Issard blades.

Was it my technique that was killing my ability to master the shave? Was it the products I’ve been using that were just poor for my skin? Or was it just that I wasn’t 'sophisticated' or 'manly' enough to figure this thing out?

You see…these simple things I had never noticed before had become my biggest social priority! I wanted to run into this brand new part of my life grabbing, taking and using every shaving implement and product I could!

Instead of slowing my pace to a casual stroll, I steam rolled ahead leaving no room for my sense of “patience” to take over. Finally my Dad, thank God, decided to pull me aside and say “Derek, don’t get in a hurry. Find some things you like and use them, stick with them and learn the basics. Learn how to master the basics, you’ll eventually learn what you like the most and then you can just add to that.” Great advice indeed!

Fortunately, since that great debacle years ago, I have had the great opportunity to meet people like Iain Kane (@VillageBarber) and Craig Whitely (@CraigtheBarber) who can give professional guidance to anyone, regardless of their experience, who appreciate this ever developing art of shaving. They helped me gain confidence in what I love and also showed me that this isn’t something to be hidden or embarrassed about. 

Probably, like some of you reading this, I live in a community where shaving and grooming products aren’t really spoken of at all. There are no stores for men’s products or spas where we can go for a nice hot-towel shave. Even mentioning names like Proraso, Dovo, Truefitt & Hill, or even The Art of Shaving will get you some pretty strange looks. It’s a small coal mining town where money is abundant for the very few and scarce for the very many. I love my home but boy are these people sure closed off to a lot of the things the rest of the world has to offer!   

To everyone reading this then, I guess this is my take on all things 'wetshaving'. It’s from the same book I used an excerpt earlier:

“I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn't resolve. But I was outside the Baghdad Theater in Portland one night when I saw a man playing the saxophone. I stood there for fifteen minutes, and he never opened his eyes. After that I liked jazz music. Sometimes you have to watch somebody else love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way.”

And that’s the sentiment I want to leave the readers of this blog with. I’ve found something different, that I didn’t appreciate before until I saw someone else love it. This elaborate form of Men’s grooming and subtle form of pampering. I have people like my Dad, Iain Kane and Craig The Barber who I look to for new products, advice, and technique to only further my appreciation and passion for shaving. These are the people from the above excerpt “showing me the way”. I want to encourage everyone reading this to do the same: close your eyes and dive in again…like it’s the first time, rekindling the passion you have for a hobby you love. Don’t let it end, don’t let it resolve, keep the music going!


Derek Sword   

P.S. Shameless plug for myself. My Dad and I restore, clean, & hone antique straight razors and resell them on eBay. We only sell them when they are at the highest restored level and shave ready. If you have Twitter, follow me @dsword10, I update our selling list weekly. If you have eBay my username is omt2013. We carry all the famous brands like Ambossmann, Wade & Butcher, Joseph Elliot, etc. Please look us up or simply tweet me. I would love to meet some of you or chat with you about wet shaving, products you’ve tried or tricks you have picked up along the way.


  Author: Derek Sword & his wife Annie




Mantic59's 4 Tips For Shaving Success With The Merkur Progress Razor April 02 2013, 0 Comments

Mantic59 is one of the best known online personalities in the wetshaving community. His shaving-related videos have received accolades from fellow shaving enthusiasts and professional barbers alike. It was therefore my great pleasure to ask the man himself if he would write an exclusive piece for the Village Barber website. He very graciously agreed and, here it is - his personal tips on how to shave with his beloved Merkur Progress DE.


Iain Kane (@VillageBarberUK)

   A Merkur Progress

"It is no secret that my favorite DE razor is the adjustable Merkur Progress.  I've often said that it will have to be pried out of my cold, dead hand.  I have plenty of razors in my collection but I keep on coming back to the Progress.  Here is how I use it with success.

First, like some other razors (such as the Bakelite Slant) there is no need for a high performance blade.  My personal favorite blade for the Progress is the quite middle-of-the-road Israeli-made Personna, also sold under the Crystal brand.  Derby blades--which many people dislike--also work well for me in a Progress.  High performance blades such as Feathers will work in the Progress but, for me, there's something about the combination that makes it less than ideal.

Second, rest a finger on razor head when installing a blade.  This will prevent the head from shifting slightly, causing an asymmetrical blade exposure on the sides of the razor.

Third, grip the razor so that its angle is more parallel to the skin.  Unlike most other razors the Progress bends the blade quite dramatically so if you are used to another razor you will have to adjust your hold accordingly.  I now find this grip more "natural" than other DE razors (and similar to Single Edge razors like vintage Injector or GEM units, even some modern cartridge razors).

Fourth, start mild.  I always make my first reduction pass on a low setting: about "2" on my Progress will comfortably reduce the worst of my stubble (remember, Progress razor settings are not necessarily consistent across all units manufactured).  Then I raise the setting for the rest of the shave (usually about "3" or so).  If I need to do a "touch & cut" cleanup I will drop it back down to a much milder setting."




The Role of Natural Oils in Shaving December 05 2012, 0 Comments

I often get asked for my take on the various oils used in shaving products from Olive oil to silicon based lubricants and what benefit, if any, they have on the skin. 

Then too, I am frequently delighted to receive phenomenal feedback from wetshave enthusiasts and fellow professionals alike after they've tried my own Village Barber brand of Shaving Oil and I'm asked "What makes your Shaving Oil so exceptional?"

So, I decided to ask Christos Katsis, a clinical aromatherapist and aromacoligist with over 30 years experience as a product designer and natural product maker to give me his professional view on the matter. 

Christos states: "If all you want is something to ease the glide of the razor over the skin then it doesn't much matter whether you use Olive Oil, Silicon based lubricant, chip pan fat or lard - all will give glide to the razor.

Olive Oil, for instance, in dietary terms lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and is good for the heart generally.

In terms of topical application, it can be good for burns and relieves some itching from stings and bites.

In terms of cosmetics - the ancient Greek Athlete's used it for "scraping" - rubbing it onto the body then scraping with a sharp knife to clean the skin and remove body hair before competing in the Olympics.

As far as shaving the beard with it is concerned however, it is very thick and tacky and provides little glide. Plus, even the smallest required amount needed would clog the razor with the first pass - pretty useless in other words as a practicable shaving agent.

Olive is also a weak astringent which I guess is a benefit.


The Birth of Village Barber Shaving Oil
Any plausible shaving oil must be about more than just glide. Indeed, most men know from experience the problems that can arise as a result of shaving -  from razor burn and skin irritation through to various skin problems arising out of the daily stripping away of naturally produced oils from the skin.Therefore, even the most accomplished shaver needs help if he is to restore the correct balance of oils in his skin, and that is where Village Barber Shaving Oil comes to the fore.

Village Barber Shaving Oil and Aftershave Balm are the result of the collaboration between Iain Kane, a top professional Barber for over 30 years, and myself. The Oil and Balm have been field tested by Iain and evaluated by industry and market professionals and, without exception, feedback has been universally positive and the products have already proved to be award winners. 

Base Oils - Benefits
Whilst the base oils used in Village Barber Shaving Oil - Extra virgin and unrefined Avocado oil (Persea gratissima) and Virgin, Cold-pressed Sweet Almond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis ) - do give wonderful glide to the razor, the oils themselves are also naturally rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E. The combination of both is an excellent emollient (skin softener), is anti-inflammatory, moisturising and highly nourishing to the skin promoting healthy and young looking skin.


Avocado and Avocado extracts are key ingredients in many anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing creams - Avocado is well known for promoting both healthy skin regeneration and skin rejuvenation.  Avocado has a higher degree of skin penetration than almost any other oil and effectively promotes suppleness of the skin - Avocado, as any nutritionist will confirm, is a complete food in itself.                                                                    

Sweet Almond is so gentle and anti-inflammatory that it is widely used to treat nappy rash in babies, sunburn and relieves itchy skin caused by conditions such as dermatitis.                                                                                                                     

Perfect Blend
I hope you can see why we have combined these two wonderful, therapeutic grade oils to make the base for the Village Barber Shaving Oil but it doesn't end there. To the wonderful combination of Virgin Sweet Almond and unrefined, extra virgin Avocado we have added a synergistic blend of 14 therapeutic grade essential oils.

The synergistic blend of the carefully selected 14 therapeutic grade essential oils (individual oils used can be seen on the ingredients page of this website and, of course, on the labelled product itself) brings together a wide range of well known therapeutic properties inherent in the individual oils - anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, anti-bacterial, skin regenerating, skin balancing, cleansing, moisturising, sebum balancing, anaesthetic and antiseptic - and it smells great too!!

So, whilst shaving with chip pan fat will give razor glide, it is hoped that you will agree that over 60 years of combined experience in the worlds of professional Barbering and Clinical Aromatherapy have produced two products that will deliver the perfect shave and so very much more!”


Copyright - Village Barber Shaving Products 2012



The Myth Behind Shaving Foams & Gels October 31 2012, 2 Comments

Over the years I have been repeatedly asked for my opinion on the use of canned foams and gels when it comes to shaving. These 'time-saving' products may do just that - save you time, however, with the best will in the world, they will not give you a great shave - and here's my professional opinion why.

The modern man, who is uneducated when it comes to shaving (and that accounts for the vast majority - after all, who teaches a guy how to shave?!) has simply become accustomed to seeing 'white stuff' squirted directly from a can on his face whilst shaving. After all, that's what all the adverts depict, right?

Sadly, they neither know nor understand the underlying reasons behind exactly why they are using it. "To soften the beard" they say. Oh really? So exactly what part does a canned foam or gel play in 'softening the beard' when it is on the face for only a matter of seconds before being scraped off by the razor? 

Indeed, I challenge you to find any canned foam or gel advert that actually demonstrates to the viewers exactly how to apply the foam or gel. The advert starts by showing the guy already 'lathered up' and, by doing so, the producers of the advert miss out the most important part of the shave - the appropriate preparation of the beard! 

Perhaps a little explanation of the 'science' behind 'the white stuff' may help some to understand how canned foam came about and therefore why it is used.

Too Busy to Shave 

Unfortunately, the modern and at times frantic pace of life coupled with men's ignorance when it comes to shaving, has led shaving companies who mass produce these foams and gels, to appeal to those who want to get 'the dastardly deed' out of the way as quickly as possible.

Simply put, as your face is on show to all and sundry together with the fact that you also have to live with the consequences of your shaving habits, it is in your best interest to learn how best to look after it - and that means learning how to shave correctly using the best products for your skin type as well as the correct technique.

 What does 'the white stuff' actually do?

When a traditional barber shaves a guy he should use a quality shaving soap or cream together with a quality shaving brush and very warm water. It is the actual process of applying the soap/cream to the beard using circular motions with the brush and adding the water as needed thereby creating a lather - a process which should take several minutes to undertake as it opens the pores, softens the beard and the heat from the water being continually added relaxes the more than 30 facial muscles - this is what is actually preparing the beard ready for shaving. Canned foams and gels merely give you instant lather without the vital preparation of the beard.

Be honest, if you have ever shaved using canned foam or gel, how long is the 'lather' actually on the face for before you start to shave?  Seconds! So frankly, it can say "For Sensitive Skin" a thousand times on the can, but if the foam or gel simply isn't on the beard long enough to do what it's supposed to do - prepare the beard - then you'd be as well squirting it down the plughole for all the good it's doing! The canned stuff was designed by marketeers who simply wished to 'cash in' on the 'too busy to shave correctly' man. And boy, have they cashed in!

Instant foam and gel out of a can also need a propellant to squeeze the stuff out of its container. These propellants tend to dry out the skin rather than help add moisture. Add into the mix also the chemicals, alcohol and parabens usually contained in these products and you have a recipe for red, sore and irritated skin!

Remember then - wet and warm are the two key assets to a great wetshave. Therefore, acquiring and maintaining moisture in the beard throughout the shave is of paramount importance. That will rarely, if ever, be achieved with canned foams and gels!

Warm - Don't Cool Before Shaving! July 11 2012, 0 Comments

Having recently had some discussion with other shaving enthusiasts about the use of menthol in shaving products, it surprised me really the amount of guys who still use such products pre-shave. Here's my take on it:

Menthol. derived from peppermint oil, when used on the skin prompts the thermal receptors to produce a cooling sensation and for this reason it is often used in skin products that must have a cooling action (IE for muscle strain injuries). However, to prepare properly for a good wet shave, you really need to be warming your face, not cooling it, and here's the reason why. 

We have over 30 muscles around the head and face area. What happens to a muscle when it is cold? That's right, it contracts and tenses. Hence the reason why all sportsmen and women 'warm up' prior to engaging in their sport - they don't want to strain, pull or even tear a muscle by exercising it cold!

We too want our facial muscles to be warm, thus relaxed and flexible when shaving. Relaxing Hot Towel

That's why all good barbers use 'hot towels' as part of the preparation stage when shaving. Such hot towels serve to soften the beard, open the pores and, importantly, warm and thus relax the facial muscles prior to shaving.

If you were to then apply a menthol or any other heavily minted product onto the face, it would be counter-productive as you would immediately be 'cooling' the face again!

Is ALL Cooling Wrong?

I am not 'anti-menthol' by any means - minted products have local anesthetic and counter-irritant qualities which, when used correctly and at the right time - IE after shaving - serve to relieve and comfort. 

Indeed, the therapeutic effects of menthol include germicidal and tonic effects as well as the fact that it reduces itching and tenderness. 

However, it is the local anesthetic action that it produces immediately before the actual shaving process that is the most commonly used reason for utilising its use in shaving products. Whilst this may well have been seen as "beneficial" 50 years ago, the use of natural oils has moved on considerably since then. Therefore, it is basically 'tradition' rather than any well founded science that keeps such products alive.

Local Anesthetic

By the very fact that some would wish to create a 'local anesthetic' effect prior to shaving indicates that they expect to experience some sort of pain as a result of the shaving action - hence the need to 'mask' it. However, when we learn to shave correctly, a close, comfortable experience should be obtained without any pain at all. In fact, if we experience pain at anytime before, during or after shaving, we are doing something wrong. Pain is the brain's mechanism to tell us that something is not as it should be and therefore to stop doing what we're doing. Pain serves to protect us from further damage!

When to Cool

Only after the shave do we want to 'cool' the skin and that's where mildly minted products have a role to play in my opinion. To go from very warm to very cold instantly also has proven benefits to the circulatory system which,  in turn, helps replenish the new, young skin cells after shaving. Hence, it is good to always splash your face with cold water immediately after shaving or even wrap a face towel which has been soaking in very cold water around your face! That's the time to cool!

Happy Shaving!  







What's the rush?! Learn to shave correctly! May 31 2012, 1 Comment

Iain at The Village Barber has over 30 years experience in professional shaving. Here are some of his tips for a great shave!    


Sadly, the correct technique of ‘wet shaving’ is a dying art. Life, it seems, has become just too hectic in modern times to allow men the time necessary to shave properly!

With clever (and somewhat misleading) marketing, we’re led to believe that with the quick squirt from an instant foam can, immediately followed by an almost effortless glide over the beard with the latest ‘best shave ever’ multi-blade razor, we will not only exhibit a face smoother than a baby’s bottom but also be irresistible to women!

The reality however is usually quite different, right lads? Red, sore, irritable skin due largely to incorrect shaving.


The simple truth when it comes to a good, comfortable shave lays in the preparation of the beard before shaving. It’s something that simply should not be rushed. So what if it means getting up five minutes earlier in the morning, you won’t regret it! Remember, your skin is living tissue, treat it as such! A well executed shave serves not only to leave you ‘clean shaven’ but is tantamount to a beauty treatment as you exfoliate the dead skin cells from your face.

Correct Technique

The first essentials to a perfect shave are water and warmth. When hair absorbs hot water it becomes softer and easier to cut and with warmth the skin and facial muscles become relaxed, making shaving so much easier. Thus the best time to shave is after a bath or shower. Soaking a flannel in hot water and wrapping it around the face for thirty seconds can also achieve a similar effect. 

Next, massage a good quality shaving oil into the beard with your fingers. This will not only help soften the beard but also hydrates and feeds the skin leading to a much smoother, irritation free shave.

If you use a top quality oil, such as my acclaimed Village Barber 100% Pure & Natural shaving oil that I use on my customers, there is no need to use a shaving soap as well. However, if you prefer to be pampered with the full works when you shave, as do my customers when I'm shaving them, you can also use a good quality, glycerine based shaving soap which helps keep the skin and beard warm and wet during the shave. Alcohol based shaving foams and gels have the opposite effect, dispersing moisture and cooling the skin, which can cause irritation whilst shaving.

The Shave

Always shave with the grain of your beard. If a second shave is required, move the blade sideways across the growth. Never shave against the grain (unless you’re professionally trained) as this can pull the skin in the wrong direction causing small cuts and ‘grazing’ to the skin and is the most common cause of ‘razor burn’, ingrown hairs and shaving rash. Always finish your shave by rinsing your face with cold water to close the pores and pat the face dry with a soft towel leaving the residue shaving oil to soak into the skin (never harshly rub your face).

Caring for the Skin                                                              

As alluded to earlier, a good wet shave exfoliates and cleanses the face, leaving smooth new skin cells. Newly exfoliated skin needs to be protected from the elements, so it is important that men use a good quality aftershave balm such as my Premium 100% paraben-free Village Barber Aftershave Balm which will feed, protect and moisturize the skin. Never apply an alcohol based product such as cologne onto your newly shaved face as this will have the complete opposite effect and disperse any remaining moisture and almost certainly inflame the skin - as well as sting! If you want to smell great with your favourite cologne, apply it to what is known in the trade as the ‘hot spots’, the area behind the earlobes and on the sides of the neck. By doing this, you'll still smell great but you won't have damaged your skin in the process!  

Happy shaving!

**Why not view Iain's shaving tutorial videos on the homepage and really get the Professional's touch when shaving!

Questions? Email Iain at: