Paul Tiernan - Essential to my shave! March 20 2014, 0 Comments

I've been using Iain's shaving oil pretty much since he first started bottling it, after experiencing a 'proper' wet shave at Iain's barbershop. Thanks to Iain's advice, I went from thinking that shaving was a pain in the neck (literally!), to thoroughly enjoying my daily 'treat'. During the week I use the oil on it's own for a superbly smooth shave. Then, at the weekend when I have more time, I use a luxury cream or soap over the oil, just for a pamper. You don't need the cream or soap, the shave is not 'improved', but the ritual still appeals!

The essential oils smell fabulous, and a little goes a long way. The flip top bottle is easy to use. I wouldn't consider shaving without it now. The difference in comfort and performance, even against well regarded creams and soaps when used on their own, is night and day. Essential in every respect.


Paul Tiernan 

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