Gregers, Denmark May 03 2013, 0 Comments

"I have had good experiences using Village Barber Oil and Balm. I have used the Oil on its own - where it does a fine job of cushioning the razor - and primarily together with soaps, as I love the ritual and feeling of lathering up my face. I have tried a few aftershave balms but now use the Village Barbers. Leaving the job of smelling good to a cologne - and not putting perfume directly onto the freshly shaved skin - feels good, and I have noticed how Village Barber Aftershave Balm seems to feed my skin better than other aftershaves.

I can also recommend taking the time to visit Iain's cozy little shop in Langley Park, where being shaved turns into an experience of pleasure - both my dad and I were shaved there on our last visit to the UK, and I will definitely try to pop by again whenever business or pleasure brings me near Durham."